Market Forays with Laurence Hauben

Journey into the Heart and Soul of Cooking

local crab
Local Rock crab at the harbor at 8 a.m. become crabcakes by lunchtime


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"I feel like I've been on a French Vacation, only I'm not jetlagged."
Carrie H. , Montecito

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Hello Laurence!!


My husband and I can’t thank you enough for all you did to make the cooking class at Roblar last Saturday night such a big Success!  Our friends are still talking about how great the class was, how great your food was, and what an exceptionally lovely person you are. You are also a good sport to put up with some of the humor and pranks that went on throughout the evening…


With tremendous thanks for an outstanding evening,

Jerry & Liz, Los Olivos

Laurence, To say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves would be an understatement. The total, people, cooking...was so comfortable and enriching. We have already recreated the melon starter, tomatoes Provencal and goat cheese surprise (with spring greens and a basil vinaigrette since our farmers market with Heirloom tomatoes will not be available until Sunday).
Our boys have been impressed and even loved our pictures, especially the severed fish head. We hope you have able to view the pictures.
Your French friends, Yvonne and Lloyd, were delightful and we have shared the French way of cutting cheese. We do have a group of 8 that hopefully will join you in the future. They are interested. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!

Jean & David

PS I read that the best way to cut goat cheese was with dental floss and it worked really well!

Thank you!

I have taken many cooking classes in my life and had pretty much written them off for awhile, but your class was outstanding! You’re sweet disposition and love for food and people allowed the day to flow beautifully. I was also impressed with your generosity as you purchased food for our meal. You were only concerned about the quality of our experience/meal and not how the cost was eating at your profit. How refreshing! Could I please have the ordering information for the chocolate you used in the mousse? Chocolate mousse in one of my favorites and that was the best one I’ve had in years. I had been looking for a new recipe and you saved me. I will definitely join you again. SB is an expensive town and I will have to save up for another trip! Food for thought; have you given any thought to taking a small group of foodies to France? We are staying local for awhile in hopes of the dollar stabilizing, but it would be fun to plan for a trip to France with you. Have a great week and thanks again for a wonderful day. Mary McKenna Counselor Aliso Niguel High School

Dear Laurence,
I can not thank you enough for a wonderful day, sharing your home and passion with us! It was a truly memorable experience.
Catherine P. Santa Barbara

Hi Laurence,

I have no doubt today's foray was spectacular. Please keep me posted on upcoming forays, I have told so many friends about the amazing day we all shared and I hope to spend another Saturday with you soon.

I hope all is well with you. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun Jack, Jane and I had. Your excitement and enthusiasm for good food is highly contagious. Your home is beautiful and you made everyone feel so welcome. A perfect day.

Warm regards,

PS: Your favorite walnut guy is now at the Hollywood Farmer's market! I ran into him a few weeks ago and his booth is always packed. That walnut oil is my new favorite thing. Thanks for the introduction. :-)

Hi Laurence,

Thank you for such a wonderful experience at your beautiful home on Saturday.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
I loved the whole experience and took away not only a sense of learning how to cook but a sense of nurturing my soul.  We all seek that don’t we?!

I look forward to your Summer class! 
Millie M., Santa Barbara


Thank you Laurence for a wonderful wonderful day. Liz and I talked and talked about it--reliving the surprising beet preparation, the perfect fish, the heavenly cherry clafouti, the melting risotto, and your warmth and generous hospitality . Now in our separate cities, when I tell my friends the delicious details, they are stupefied and envious. It was the perfect mother-daughter day. And you were the perfect teacher and hostess, attentive to all our food needs, eager to share your culinary philosophy and special techniques. From early morning marketing, to the last bite of dessert and sip of coffee, this day exceeded my expectations in every way. 
Eleanor B, San Diego


Dear Laurence,
This is just a belated thank you note for the wonderful experience of cooking with you and being your guest at the markets and your home. Dimitri and I completely enjoyed the time we spent with you and want to thank you for the experience. Next time we come to Santa Barabara, we will definitely plan to do this again! The food was amazing and your menu selections inspired!

Also, Dimitri really liked your homemade pate and would love to try making it himself. If you are still willing to share the recipe, I know he would be very grateful.

Thanks again,
Kristin & Dimitri

Laurence: Had a wonderful day with you; learned so much and totally enjoyed your approach and creativity in the kitchen. It's inspirational to me as my confidence level is such that I almost invariably find my head in a book, pouring over a menu. Thank you so much for all your thoughtful hints, and sharing your considerable expertise and artistry with us (also the photos!). Definitely include me on your mailing list. Warm regards,
Joan M, Santa Barbara


I had a lovely time with you - just super!! I enjoyed every minute. The fish, vegetable, cheese adventures were so informative returning then to your beautiful home was just perfect. So appreciate the pictures you sent. My crab claws are at the ready today and I am ready to have some fun with all the new ideas and skills I've learned. And C'est Cheese will see me for the La Tur. Again, I thank you. See you soon for more adventures. Keep me on the list. A bientot!
Penny A, Santa Barbara

Dear Laurence,

Thank you for a rich and fun and delicious experience.  I love your concept and you carried it out beautifully.  It was informative and interesting and an unusual way to spend a day with friends.  I will definitely recommend it to others, and I look forward to perhaps sharing the experience with some other friends at my house next year.

Have a wonderful summer,

Fay B., Cape Cod


Hello Laurence!
Thank YOU so much for Saturday.  I enjoyed every delicious and fascinating minute of it!  I'm so grateful to Holly for putting the whole day together and for having me as her guest!  I've told everyone I know about it in exquisite detail and gone over the experience many times in my own mind, savoring the flavorful memories.
Cheers! Kristina

Hi Team,

I had the pleasure of participating in Chef Laurence's culinary package last Saturday (
This was our menu plan.

Warm Spiny Lobster Medallions with Frisee' endive, Asian Pears, Fuyu Persimmons and grapefruit Vinaigrette Roasted Tahitian Squash Wantons with Shredded 5 Spice Duck Confit and Broccoli Rabe Hearts of Butter Lettuce with Walnut and Muscat vinegar dressing Artisan Cheese Selection with fresh fruit Pistachio & Strawberry Millefeuilles Fresh Artisan breads paired with local wines accompanied the dinner.

Let me tell you about the experience. I met Laurence and the other participants at the Wharf at 8:00am Saturday to get fresh fish. There were a total of six faux chef's including myself. She gave us each a booklet that described the menu and all of our activities for the day. The booklet also has the recipes for everything on the day's menu as well as her preferred favorite stands at the farmer's market and tips on purchasing and storing everything from fish to herbs (and everything between).

Laurence brought freshly home baked muffins for the group. She picked out a couple of large live Lobster's as well as Spiny backed Shrimp. We then proceeded to the farmer's market where we picked up everything we needed for the meal. We grazed and sampled all that was offered. I highly recommend the avocado honey. We then went to a small French chocolate shop where Laurence has a special deal for her groups. There were many different little chocolate to choose from. I ate half of mine immediately.
After the chocolate shop we went to a cheese shop and again sampled everything we could get our hands on. We went to the bakery next and selected the breads for the evening. After that everyone was exhausted from all the eating ,walking,eating,eating so went for coffee.

Next everyone followed Laurance to her charming French cottage. She has several citrus tree's surrounding her home and beautiful gardens with all kinds of herbs. The table was already set with fine china, white cloth napkins and wine glasses. The table looked great. We began to chop, slice, dice, roast, boil. etc all the while eating the shrimp dipped in her homemade sauces. Laurence has a plethora of jams, preserves, etc for purchase.
We cleaned as we went along so as not to leave extra work for Laurence. We than began our five course meal served with fine wine. After the Artesian cheese and fruit plate course I was sure I couldn't go on. Some how I managed to eat dessert (imagine that).

The whole experience began at 8:00am and concluded about 4:30pm. Plan on this being a late lunch as well as dinner, you will not go hungry.

It was a great experience that I would highly recommend. Not only is Laurence a fantastic Chef but she is a charming well spoken woman who is a pleasure to be around.

I forgot to mention the freshly churned butter we picked up at the market.
I am now addicted to it!

PS I have the recipe's for the above menu if anyone is interested.


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