Private Chef Services

The freshest ingredients handled with the utmost care

I specialize in intimate dinners and celebrations in the comfort of your own home. Every menu is custom built around your preferences, using top quality ingredients sourced from local purveyors I know and trust.

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I never compromise on quality. That being said, menus can be tailored to fit most budgets, so don't hesitate to contact me, I love to talk about food.

  • Meal Delivery Service: $100/hour plus cost of ingredients. 5 hour minimum charge.
  • Average cost, Dinner for 8 in the privacy of your home: $100 per person for advance delivery.
    $145 to $195 per person for dinner cooked on site.

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Some Favorite Purveyors food can only be as good as your ingredients. That is why I rely exclusively on growers, fishermen, locally owned shops, and artisans I trust. Here are some of my trusted sources.

Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market

Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara

Cheese Shop Santa Barbara

Il Fustino

Chocolate Maya

Vices and Spices

Penryn Orchard Specialties