Seasonal Recipes

Seasonal cooking means adapting your menus to what nature has provided. More flavorful, better for the environment and for our bodies, it is also less expensive. I am always playing with food, so new recipes will appear as I continue to build and maintain this website. If you would like to come play in the kitchen with me, please join me for a cooking class.

  • Spring

    Full of blossoms and fragrant breezes, Spring is tender green. The body wants reawakening after the winter, craves lighter but flavorful fare, fresh berries and crisp produce.


  • Summer

    Trees are dripping with ripe fruit, farmers markets are piled high with tomatoes and melons, the food just wants to happen easily, quickly, spontaneously so we can get back to relaxing in the shade.

  • Fall

    Early fall is harvest time, the most bountiful season. Time to make preserves and pickles, time to gather with friends around a festive table, time to cook up a storm!

  • Winter

    Winter calls to us with a desire for heartier dishes, comfort foods, and splendid Holiday feasts, but also for clean simple meals and comforting soups after the New Year.


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