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Sweet Cherry Preserve

Sweet Cherry Preserve

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Indulge your inner child with Sweet Cherry Preserve, a classic treat crafted with carefully-selected sweet cherries slowly cooked without added pectin. The cherries are pitted but kept whole and suspended in a dense clear syrup for a gorgeous texture. Our artisanal preserves offer a timeless flavor experience, perfect over warm toast or to add extra sweetness to your favorite recipes. Enjoy a luxurious, well-balanced sweet-tart flavor with every single jar.

Ingredients: Pitted Sweet Cherries, Vegan Cane Sugar. 8 oz jar.

RECOMMENDED USES: Whenever life isn't being sweet enough to you, this Sweet Cherry Preserve is the cure.

  • Swirl Sweet Cherry Preserve into vanilla ice cream and finish with warm chocolate fudge for an easy decadent dessert.


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